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FOR-blue –
The innovative heating hose  

To ensure that SCR systems for reducing nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicles can function reliably even at low temperatures, high-performance heating hoses are required. With FOR-blue we offer suitable variants for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and special vehicles on a modular basis. 

Sustainable benefits 

FOR-blue prevents thermal bridges, leaks, and any need for adapter plugs. Each hose can be individually heated. Even with non-backsuction systems, the full pressure resistance of the PA hose is retained. Specifically, FOR-blue guarantees especially rapid warming up by means of patented electrical contacts. High-quality hose and insulation materials ensure far higher chemical resistance and diffusion resistance than rival products. This is a crucial factor to withstand the aggressive AdBlue solution – and also protects against antifreeze, glysantine, motor oil and diesel fuel. Furthermore, any leakage of the diffusion is prevented by the safety-optimized design. This of course benefits the service life of the heating hose.

We know ... 

... how high variance can be combined with economic efficiency where innovative heating hoses are concerned.